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Move IT is a FREE weight management service for children and young people aged 5-18 years, who are above their ideal weight and would benefit from a healthy lifestyle intervention programme. 

Consisting of 6 sessions the programme aims to help encourage children and their families to adopt a healthy lifestyle through offering healthy eating advice along with ideas and ways to increase physical activity.  All sessions are either delivered as a 1-2-1 or with the family unit.

Move IT sessions are available in all Active Sefton leisure centres.

Move IT Families 5–6-year-olds 

1-2-1 consultations at one of our leisure centres to discuss lifestyle, physical activity and dietary habits. We offer tailored advice and support and up-to-date information of clubs and organisations local to the children and their families.

Move IT Families 7–18-year-olds

A 6-week bespoke 1-2-1 exercise programme delivered at any of our leisure centres to help improve overall health and wellbeing, increase knowledge and understanding of nutrition and help to improve and maintain a healthy bodyweight.

We always encourage a ‘whole family’ approach which is a great opportunity for you to all spend time together such as going for walks or bike rides instead of watching TV or spending time on your phone.

Any changes you make to your child’s diet and lifestyle are much more likely to be accepted if the changes are small and involve the whole family!

Sign up today by clicking on the ‘Refer Now’ tab and fill out a referral form and a member of the Move IT team will be in contact or if you would like further information call us on 0151 288 6286.